Workshop Ideas

Supplement your Spanish learning!

1. Work on current homework or study vocabulary words. (Use Vocab. Study ideas!)

2. Play Spanish games on your Ipad.

3. Read Spanish books or magazines from the shelf.

4. Grab a friend and make a movie depicting one of the Spanish books.

5. Make a music video to a Spanish song. (See me on Tuesday for a suggestion!)

6. Copy and Practice taking an AP Spanish test.  

7. Play Apples to Apples in Spanish.

8. Play Bingo.

9. Make up 100 questions and play Snakes and Ladders with a friend.

10. Make flashcards and practice them (play Go Fish, Concentration, etc).

11. Play Hangman with Spanish words.

12. Grab a Hidden Picture or Coloring Page of Vocab.  Spend 1-3 Wednesdays practicing and learning all of the vocabulary.   (Use Vocab. Study ideas!)

13. Plan a trip to a Spanish speaking country in detail (flight, cost, hotels, transportation, itinerary, etc). 

14. Google practice activities for the concepts that we are learning (Ex: Quizlet).

15. Practice your Spanish on

16. Read a book with Spanish themes (Check for a list).

17. Listen to native Spanish Speakers talk (Check out for info!)

18. Go to and create an Avatar.  Use it to practice speaking Spanish.

19. Grab a friend or two and do a play in Spanish (Sra. Paulsen has some scripts!)

20. Get a pen pal online. Be careful as to what information you disclose (don’t ever tell anyone your full name, your phone number or your address--you may even choose to use a pseudonym). You can also chat with Native Speakers on

21. Go to the web and listen to music in Spanish (Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, RBD, Maná, etc.) Download the lyrics to a song and look up and learn any words which you do not know.

22. Try to read some articles on People magazine (en español).  Research and learn about someone who grew up speaking Spanish or in a Hispanic country (A soccer star?  A singer? An actor?)

23. Watch a Telenovela (Soap Opera) called Destinos.  Go to  

24. Watch some news articles on  See what you can understand!

25. Read about current events that are happening in Spanish speaking countries.

26. Take practice and review Spanish tests on

27. Look on the forums on to learn how to say different phrases.

28. Find an article about issues facing Hispanic Americans or people living in a Spanish speaking country.

29. Research food that is eaten in a Hispanic country.  Feel free to make it to share with the class!

30. At the end of each chapter in our textbook, read the “Conexiones” page.  Choose one of the Proyectos to do.

31. At the beginning of our textbook, there are pages describing Hispanic holidays.  Research one of them. 

32. Make a poster collage of Spanish culture.

33. Take a popular song and change the words to explain Spanish (Example:  Princess of SER).

34. Watch a movie with Hispanic themes or culture.

35. Learn and perform a Spanish dance (No Macarena).  :)

36. Study Architecture in Spanish countries.

37. Study Spanish crafts and make one.

38. Make a 3D model of a country.

39. Study Spanish Flags and make replicas of them.

40. Study Hispanic artists and their works.

41. Do a Spanish Jaywalking Skit.

42. Your own idea / suggestion for increased learning!

Once you have done these items, please illustrate your learning!   Make a poster board, brochure, web page, skit, video, etc.